12 Skills You Can Learn Online (FREE) to make money

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We all are facing what we have not faced before – the biggest crisis of our times – covid-19. The covid-19 has changed how the world used to operate. We are living a new reality. Schools, colleges, and universities are closed. Employees have shifted to work from home, people are losing their jobs. Hence, the entire world is upside down. But, thanks to the internet, even in this situation you can learn a lot of new skills from the comfort of your home for free. These skills can help you survive in the post covid world. 

Well, pandemic or not – a degree alone cannot take you anywhere, but skills can. One should always invest in skill-building. This is an investment that never goes in vain. And, luckily, the era we are living in has become completely digital. Things have become easier than ever. No more going to academies, paying huge fees – one can easily learn a lot of skills at home, and that too for free.

We have listed down some useful skills that you can learn online from home for free. These skills will surely gonna help you in the long run.


  1.  Languages – learn multiple languages at home and increase your chance of getting hired:


language class

Learning a second language is scientifically endorsed and proven since it enhances cognitive skills. There are countless online language courses offered, for which it might require you to pay. On the other side, you have YouTube where you can learn the language from the scratch at the comfort of your home for free. Language classes are usually fun because of the silly mistakes we make with our classmates, which can be offensive or give an inferiority complex to some thin-skinned mates. If you are also hypersensitive or avoid public interaction, this can be a lifesaver for you. 

From a marketing point of view as well, the ability to speak multiple languages can help you earn some extra bucks while pursuing a job, therefore, language is considered an asset. 

We all know that the world has become a global village, hence, the need for communication in different languages has also increased. This is the high-time one should invest their time and energy in learning new languages. 


  1.   Photoshop – be creative, learn photoshop online at home:


Most of my friends, who took Photoshop as a course during university; to enhance their skills and to improve their photography, actually got great help from online tutorials while doing that. There are some great online sources that can be helpful for learning Photoshop. And this skill carries tremendous worth in the market, you can work as a freelancer or get a full-time job, depending on your portfolio. 

If you have plenty of free time you have these days, or you are stuck at home because of covid-19 – consider learning photoshop. This skill is going to take you places. And the best part is you can learn it for free and make money out of it later.

In fact, even amid the pandemic – this field is booming; thanks to the freelance market.


  1.   Social Media Marketing – why sit idle at home, learn SMM online, and get paid:


social media MANAGEMENT

You can build a life-changing feature for everybody’s daily use or the smartest device in the world which can attract masses from everywhere, however, unless you market your product right—you won’t be able to grab attention from anyone. Second, if you are marketing, but in case the branding plan is not appropriate, you might get nothing more than slight attention. Marketing is done to make your brand stand out for as long as possible. 

The most workable marketing you can learn online is social media marketing. This skill can help you land a new job in the digital marketing department, or most definitely would get you some online work depends on how you market your skill. 


  1.   Writing – get your writing skills improved at home and earn with it:


Everyone who goes to school or graduate can write, right? But the fact is, not everybody is a writer. Therefore, writing is an art and skill. If you polish this skill, it can definitely become your strength. If we talk about the writer, usually we visualize someone who writes books or maybe a film—something enormous. There are so many multi-dimensional facades of writing that you might find your niche within them if you research it. It is relatively easy to work on the skill which is already identified. You can learn various styles like article or content writing, journalistic writing, copywriting, press release writing, script or screenplay writing, research or academic writing, or perhaps, focus on only one writing style. 

Writing is a kind of skill that cannot just be utilized professionally by getting a job relevant to your skill but can help you if you have your own business or maybe start your own business. 

  1.   Public Speaking – learn the art of public speaking from the comfort of your home, practice, and be famous:


While public speaking is believed to be acquired only by being in public, confidently. There are experts who suggest some exercises to practice in a room only if you want to become a highly paid speaker. The exercises involve speaking, imitating, acting, or reading loudly in front of the mirror because you become what you practice. None of us would get a chance to speak in a room or hall full of people unless there is something special. So, in order to make that special moment powerful and worth remembering for everyone present there—practice is the key and we are our own best critic.

You can watch other public speakers from different backgrounds religiously, politically, or whatever—just to grasp their best traits. In order to learn something from them, it requires you to watch speeches by leaders and people answering in pageants or other competitions where they win under maximum pressure. These are the things I watch, you will find online courses or lectures, or someone expert who can train you and guide you according to your strengths and weaknesses. 

  1.   Culinary Arts – cooking skills can be learned at home for free, learn, and earn:


Cooking is considered essential because of its inevitable necessity. However, it is also a complete skill if worked in the right direction. Learning different cuisines is a leap from fundamental lessons to advanced and expert cooking. On top of this culinary art is all about designing and decorating your food to give it a finishing look. It is widely believed that you eat with your eyes before taking a bite, therefore, this art assures that the food looks worth eating. 

  1.   Video Editing – utilize your spare time, learn video editing at home for free, market needs this skill:

We discussed Photoshop above, which is fruitful for photographers to improvise their clicked pictures and to create innovative designs, but the restriction is Photoshop strictly deals with photos only—as the name indicates too. If anyone is interested in editing or producing videos; this would be an added advantage for them since they wouldn’t be relying on directors anymore. 

  1.   Technical Skills – invest your time in learning SEO, WordPress, coding, online and pave your way to success:


While all the ideas shared in this article are somewhat related to art and more toward the creative side. I would like to make it a point that skills in the technology field are highly paid, increase your probability of promotion, get your freelance work and ultimately elevate your worth as a professional in the market. The skills I believe can be beneficial for anybody would be Advanced Excel Skills, Website Designing, Blogging, and Codding, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] to name a few. 

  1.   Search Engine Optimization – SEO can be learned at home, be an SEO expert, and you won’t regret it ever:


You have a query, you type in the word or a sentence you want an answer for; you see the results and psychologically you will click the first link on the top of your results. Companies pay and will pay to get their website’s link on top of the results on search engines. Search Engine Optimization lets the companies get free traffic by using a set of keywords or phrases in search results in order to get free traffic-use them methodologically. 

  1.   Budgeting – sharp your money-managing skills at home and get paid higher:


Managing money is an art, and if you save some extra bucks, that is equivalent to money earned. Saving is as important as earning money. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to effectively manage our finances. This is exactly where an opportunity grows; especially for those who comprehend the ethics, legalities, risks, analyses, and nuances of the market can get them brighter opportunities in the future. 

  1.   Human Resource Management – learn Human Resource management at home and get your dream job:


Managing humans either for a small business or a big firm is a lucrative skill and comes with time and experience. However, by getting some certifications, and through an internship, you can gain this skill/or internships. Organizations have designated departments that are authorized for hiring, firing, and taking care of employee’s concerns. There are some online courses too, if you just want to learn the concepts and anatomy for a small business, doing an MBA is not the only option, and that is a hard road to achieve the same goal. 

  1.   Entrepreneurship – can be learned at home, become an entrepreneur, and the sky’s the limit:


If you want to be an entrepreneur in your life; it is recommended to find a coach or mentor who has done what you aspire to do already. You can invest in it financially or trade your skill in return for their knowledge and teachings. It will brighten up your vision, build up your business plan, and reinforce the strategies, precise management, and tips on financial management. Startups are a great idea in order to build local brands as well as offering a service within the community too. 


In this article, we shared 12 ideas for learning something from home for free that can add value to your life and career. There are zillions of ideas online on the internet, you can search and modify these or even find a brand new idea of your own after taking inspiration from any of these. Before you plan to take an online class, follow a course outline, do the certification, or even for proper research. Happy learning!