social media MANAGEMENT


Foremost, select the social media platforms wisely according to your brand’s nature, you definitely don’t need Flickr for showcasing your singing nor does your cake shop make any sense on Twitter, the same way Tumblr is not suggested for your plumbing services. Identifying your brand first and choosing the right social media platforms would get you the right leads and attention. Otherwise, you would just get some random who probably won’t be interested in your product or service. Well, keep scrolling we are going to discuss why social media marketing is important?

If you are reading this article, chances are you have a startup and/or you are trying to find thrifty ways to market your business. There could be two types of businesses, either service-based or you might have some products to sell. Whatever the nature of your business is; you need to brand it somewhere worth spending your time and money. 

The aim could get the attention of your potential customers or making your work stand out amongst throughout a fantastic social media marketing campaign. 

For building your brand’s presence online, the most popular forum is Facebook, and after that, we see various social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Before we jump into all the advantages one can get from social media, I would like you to comprehend two things: 

  1.   Create an Impact

There are various social media platforms that can be fruitful for boosting your business and grabbing the right attention. However, in order to create an impact, you don’t need your brand on all the social networking sites. Pick 2 or 3 social media sites that are relevant; it will get you better ROI and save you time. Analyze your target market, their behaviors, and interests. You got to be constant with branding your company’s name. 

Each social media platform offers something unique, covers something you may or may not need. Research, research, and learn from other’s mistakes and try to keep it short. The best way is to compare the strengths of each social networking site before signing up. Do consider the average reach of all the platforms and business tools and why would you need them. There is no need to go wild, just make your brand available for minimum social media platforms and be consistent while posting the content. 

  1.   Build Credibility

Having a strong social media set-up for any brand with a massive following is amazing, but building credibility needs more than that. For winning trust, the quality of your services and products has to be up-to-the-mark. In scenarios where things go wrong, your brand should know how to compensate for that and how to acknowledge customer’s feedback and presence. As Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. 

Since I don’t know the product and nature of the brand, you are going to market, so I can’t really give my expert opinion on that. I would base my suggestions on facts and stats to aware you of the market and help you design your digital marketing campaign predominantly for social media. Speaking of social media, there are 5-7 extremely popular apps that can help you boost your business online. Facebook has around over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram with 4 billion-plus active monthly users, Twitter has 320 million monthly active users, and Pinterest has 100 million active users per month. 

I will tell you the nature and number of consumers which will help you comprehend the masses you would like to attract for your brand. The number of internet users in 2019 is 4.388 billion, while the number of social media users is 3.484 billion. Therefore, while designing the strategy, social media marketers must keep the essence of youthfulness and engagement as much as possible. Analyses have shown that visuals get 90% better results as compared with boring static pictures and posts. 

  1.   Influence Search Rankings

It has now been proven with facts and figures over time and through various indicators that signify that social media platforms altogether influence search engine results. Consistent social media marketing gets the online content a huge bump on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. According to a study on Search Ranking Factors, some state that social networking sites appear in the top ten results on any search engine results. Hootsuite also endorses the fact that social media and SEO are a real deal.

  1.   Brings the Human Factor in Your Brand

Social media brings an opportunity for any brand to reach out to the masses and to humanize in order to intensely lift marketing efforts. Almost 60% of human beings have a photographic memory, and we naturally notice stuff in pictures. Therefore, after adding the human touch in everything and all the labors put in social media management and marketing significantly greater conversion rates have been witnessed.

Whether you are getting the reach or not, show up for your business, people are watching.

It is a psychological fact that people like to interact with people, not robots. By adding the humanizing factor in the brand and exhibiting real visuals of existing customers, and people working for the brand behind the screen. It is an easy and doable method for swaying this moment in order to get improved results by building the relatability and credibility factor simultaneously.

  1.   Influence Buying Decisions

Social media is not a magic stick, it read psychological patterns, well researched and strategic plan for swaying the set targeted market in order to generate sales from them. No matter how good your marketing is, regardless of the invested amount of money in marketing; the offered product or services have to be satisfying to survive in the competitive industry. Nevertheless, it is an open secret that buying behavior, customer reach, and sales can be produced through influencer marketing and word of mouth too. Trustworthiness, consistent delivery of all the promises made while marketing, and all excellence of the business influence customer retention and purchasing decisions a great deal. 

  1.     Rank website on Google

Websites need the traffic to survive. There are millions of websites that get zero visitors for the longest time. Social media shares and optimization ultimately increase the website traffic, offer services or products that are apparently to upgrade the business. Also, since posting on social media platforms helps target the audience in a most refined manner, that is the reason it is being used for bringing the right traffic to any website. You can interlink and optimize both platforms to your advantage. 

  1.   Bring Unexpected Customers

Thanks to the social media shares, predominantly through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and online suggestions, reviews, and good word-of-mouth, a significant number of indirect sales can be a byproduct of social media platforms. You can run any company that has a defined audience and market it digitally it will not only establish your business as an online brand, eventually, but it will also get hundreds of visitors as organic traffic organically as well. The key is to stay active on social media, where your target market hands out and post quality content regularly with strategy. It takes 7 times to get registered in someone’s memory and almost the same or more frequency before the buyer makes the purchase. 

  1. Incorporate Traditional Media

Social media has totally changed conventional marketing and typical branding and PR. As per the latest marketing research too, television commercials and all the advertising campaigns run that integrate hashtags and digital trends in their plan are proven to be more active and have laid a progressive step towards business growth. The simplest reason behind it is that half of our population is on social media.


Final Thoughts

Doing marketing, spending on paid advertisement, and spending strategically with a plan are the key differences between getting results and establishing your business as a brand.