In today’s digital world, where we want everything to look good because everything, we are making it for eyes first than anything else. Starting from food, our homes, our lives on social media, the interiors and exteriors of buildings, and whatnot. The structure and design of social media platforms are in a way that they encourage visual posts on every level. Popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and all the apps where users post their stories in a form of short videos. Plus, the results show visual content gets way too elevated responses online as compared to anything else. 

In this particular write-up, we will discuss beauty blogging as our primary subject. Also, how any blogger or vlogger (video blogger) can make money through it too. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for becoming a successful beauty blogger?  

A beauty influencer, either on YouTube or Instagram, is someone who may be a professional make-up artist or being a makeup enthusiast, as there are no prerequisites or criteria for becoming a beauty blogger. Yet, the interest level has to be extraordinary. If makeup and beauty are something you eat, talk, live to an extent that you almost breathe it then this is something you can do to make your name in the digital world. 

If you are a makeup enthusiast who likes to collect makeup and watch hundreds of makeup videos and follow many famous beauty bloggers and makeup channels. Anyone who can create and post videos to YouTube about cosmetics, fashion, hair-styling, nail arts, and other beauty-related topics. For my rescue, I got hold of something which quenched my thirst for a daily dose of makeup videos because YouTube is now only one click search away. So, I am going to give you a gist of all my research and observation of what is going on in the beauty industry online. 

How can blogging get you money? 

As per the latest reports shared, influencers charge their client companies based on their followers. Instagram charges $1,000 per 100,000 followers while Snapchat begins at $500 per campaign in 24 hours, whereas YouTube can get you roughly $2,000 per 100,000 followers.

How to become a successful beauty blogger or influencer? 

Beauty blogging, unlike any other genre, has everything that anyone would need to enrich their visuals for acquiring the best response. Posting content on Instagram and YouTube either as a review, talk, covering makeup exhibitions, posting pictures of make-up equipment, while getting ready, dolling up a client, giving a brief or detailed makeup tutorial on yourself, reviewing a newly launched makeup or skincare product, or your results after trying something new whatever scenario it maybe – it going to look great on-screen because of the colors. 

Which Medium to Focus On For a Kick-Start?  

Instagram and YouTube are the most popular places where beauty bloggers have millions of followers with thousands of activities going, and this helps them to make money from Instagram and other social media. Of course, you can multiply the efforts by focusing on other social media platforms too. Also, the engagement rate on each post matters a lot. Since most of the influencers have more followers than the amount of engagement they get on each post. The roles can be reversed and you may be getting paid based on each engagement than the number of followers or subscribers you have. 

Why YouTube or Instagram?

Seeing the nature of the business and what is the hip trend in the market. Instagram and YouTube go very well with beauty blogging. Getting paid through these sources is one aspect, and it requires a good amount of patience to reach that point. Whereas, for collaborations and earning through different streams is an added benefit; even for those who are looking at beauty blogging as some sort of hobby or part-time. They can get above satisfactory results if worked with consistency and given due attention and dedication. 

Instagram can get somewhere $250 to $750 per 1,000 engagement rate. Apparently, this can extensively differ depending on the YouTuber’s number of following and what the marketing objective is. As a general rule, YouTubers usually charge around $10,000 per 100,000 views. It is, however, hard to guess how many views a native video may get, hence an advertiser has to take this risk. 

How Much YouTube Pays YouTuber Per View?

When I am writing this, AdSense which is used for YouTube advertising is currently paying between 1 to 2 dollars on average per 1000 views. Therefore, if you plan to make $1000 dollars per month, you require 500k to 1 million monthly views to meet the criteria. Advertising and marketing are just one of quite a lot of methods to make money on YouTube!

As stated by TubeMogul, which buys and sells video ads, Kay, a successful YouTube channel, roughly makes around $7.60 per 1,000 ad views, which is lower than $9.35 in 2012. Ads only run on a minimum of video content shown. Approximately, a video creator makes $2,000 on every million views and then YouTube takes 45 percent. 

Market trends for becoming a successful beauty blogger: 

  1.   Magic links/ShopStyle/RStyle links

These are relatively new terminologies introduced in the market, so, if this is the first time you are reading these – that’s ok. Basically, Magic links, ShopStyle, and RStyle are the companies that give you customized links for the products you would mention in your description box. More like an Amazon influencer or affiliate program where you get a certain amount of commission after selling one of their products as your reward for endorsing their product on your online profile. 

  1.   Unboxing Updates. 

Technically and traditionally, when you have your blog or vlog, your presence on social media is extensive and the followers look forward to seeing what you are up to. Curiosity takes a significant part in human nature and social life—try to cash it out in order to get the attention where exactly you want. Unboxing newly bought or sponsored stuff online is a thing, followers are curious to see what the packaging holds and they will believe your first-hand experience when you use that yourself. That is just another way to influence who follows you and watches everything you do. 

  1.   AdSense

In simple words, AdSense is referred to as making money from Google or YouTube. If you get AdSense on your blog, website, or YouTube channel, you get sponsored ads amidst your content and that is when you earn. You must have seen ads on YouTube whenever you watch a video that is what I am talking about—this is how the channel is earned by allowing monetization on their platform. It might look too tempting to get ads on your channel or website, but it is recommended to get a good following before you do that. Focus on your content and how you can make it more engaging and get more people to follow it, eventually. In that scenario, give your initial followers or viewers ad-free content and make it less distracting for them so they hit the back button.  

  1.   Instagram Posts

There are many bloggers and vloggers who are solely relying on Instagram to make money and are doing pretty well. Why Instagram? The foremost reason which I could grasp during my journey of being an influencer was that it is relatively way too easy to get followers on Instagram than getting subscribers on a YouTube Channel. 

Now that Instagram allows 60 seconds videos, it, in fact, is a great way to endorse or redirect the followers to your YouTube posts. Instagram is like a scrapbook, you know how to utilize it to get the best out of it. Be strategic, plan a bit, use the Instagram features smartly, keep your audience engaged and interested. Use the words creatively, post-high-quality pictures and videos, 


  1.   Sponsor Dedicated Videos

Collaborating with other bloggers, vloggers, brands, and products in various capacities to bring your platform multiplied attention. The most common collaborations seen online are for “Give Away” unboxing a sponsored product. In the beauty world, collaborating with makeup or skin products and using them during tutorials and reviews is also a great marketing gimmick that works too. This increases your online influence and opens avenues for revenue generation. Most of the videos posted online on YouTube are sponsored by skincare or makeup products. The best idea is to post about different 

  1.   Make Highlights

Another way to be a successful beauty influencer is to maintain your highlights. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all proactively bring their “highlight” feature. Highlighted post on Instagram is usually a story that was then kept on top of your profile with a bio. On Facebook, they have this feature with the same name and another similar feature that serves the same purpose with the name of “pin”. YouTube channels also have highlighted videos that usually have the intro or their best video post. The purpose for highlights is to literally highlight and make some content stand out and to keep that on top of the feed for the longest period. Most of the time, the posted content doesn’t stay longer than a few days, no matter how good. In the case of viral content too, the trend shifts after a while and the post goes out of sight. 

  1.   Discount Codes

Offering discount codes is also another popular way and a major source for generating influencer revenue. Shoot an email to any company you think applies to your blog, obviously, as a makeup blogger, you would go for something similar that helps both businesses. You will be surprised to know that a massive amount of brands will share discount codes with not too heavy followings on their influencer’s profiles—obviously for that extra exposure. All you have to do is to reach them out via email or Direct Message them. 

  1.   Insta Snapchat Stories

Since visual content gets the maximum response regardless of which platform it has been posted on. It is highly recommended to add as much video content as possible to reach out to the majority who love watching more. Almost every social media networking site has introduced Stories feature; be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram. Nevertheless, Snapchat was the first one to introduce this concept of sharing mini clips instantly, and YouTube is the biggest online video content site. 

Utilize stories in the most creative way where you can endorse your blog with maximum exposure. Also, focus on the outcome first and decide the strategy after seeing which platform gets you the most following and brings better response than others—prioritize accordingly.  


Being a beauty blogger may open new horizons for some ambitious people and some aspirants might be interested in knowing the future prospects as well. A successful beauty blogger or influencer is already a celebrity if you want to rely on that source of income. I also have a list of the richest YouTuber in 2018, to inspire you and get you an idea of what big deal beauty and makeup industry is now, Jake Paul making USD$11.5M per annum while Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) made USD$12M followed by Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) who earned USD$12.5M. 

Besides that, since you are the makeup guru online, you can further your career by becoming a beauty editor. A beauty Editor makes an average salary of $50,230 annually.  Beauty editors manage the appearance-related content in a publication, which can include features on skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. They typically work at women’s or fashion magazines to cover products and trends. … More and more of these professionals work from home or freelance.

As far as the success of the online makeup venture is concerned, consistency is the key to reach the top of whichever field you choose and the same goes for making a mark online too. Although, there are methods and strategies to progress everywhere which can always be considered and followed.