Even though there are thousands of job search websites and recruitment sites available for job seekers, yet, the best job boards and job search engine sites have search tools that make searching for jobs and finding candidates way too easy. They also make getting the most appropriate results easier and quicker with desired location and criteria options than the advanced options are even more helpful. After careful consideration and analyzing many job search engines, we have come up with our list of top 10 websites of 2021.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our top 10 picks to make your job hunting easier.

List of job sites – our top ten picks:

1 Indeed.com 

2 CareerBuilder.com 

3 Dice.com 

4 Glassdoor.com 

5 Google for jobs  

6 Idealist  

7 LinkedIn.com  

8 Linkup.com  

9 Monster.com  

10 FlexJobs.com  

  1. Indeed.com

Indeed tops our charts because it posts millions of jobs from thousands of sources such as websites, company career sites, job boards, newspapers, classified ads, associations, and other job posting sources. Almost 10 new job listings are being added to the website every second. It gives the option to evaluate the salary ranges, market trends, and research more things related to jobs. The job seekers also have the option to upload their resumes and a personalized link which they can share with recruiters or employers. Indeed, has a salary comparison tool too, and a section dedicated to company reviews so that you can get an idea about the company you are going to apply to. All this makes indeed.com one of the top job search websites.

  1.   CareerBuilder.com

CareerBuilder is also one of the biggest job search websites on the internet, providing job listings, resume postings to career-related pieces of advice, and resources not only for job seekers but employers too. CareerBuilder gets job listings from employers directly and has diversified its horizon even more by partnering with various newspapers to get their online classifieds. Almost 25 million people browse through it every month to look for jobs and advice for their careers. Moreover, in the times of covid-19, CareerBuilder has added Covid-19 job resources for both employers, and job seekers.

  1.   Dice.com

For ranking these job search sites according to specializations—Dice.com is the top site for job seekers who are looking for something in tech that particularly offers 70000+ job openings. Technically, It is also quite advanced as it gives you the option to search through keywords, employment types, and the desired location(s). Registered users get the option to upload their resumes, can check information regarding salary, save resumes and their cover letters within the portal and track the jobs they have applied for. It also gives career advice and updates the trends and news related to tech for job seekers. Given the global crisis because of the pandemic, Dice.com has uploaded Covid-19 resources to help the masses in these tough times. Also, there is this new section called, ’career development is up on the site. This is basically a library of career development resources.

  1.   Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor is a website where existing and former employees anonymously review companies and their management—can be called a community that assists job seekers with finding jobs and getting the employers to help recruit top talent from the market. Glassdoor members can see the latest job listings, as well as get access to user-generated content such as salary reports, ratings, reviews, interview questions, and much more. Glassdoor’s data list has 1 million employees. Company reviews reaching 60 million and 10 million job listings. This shows how bigger a job search engine is.

Moreover, Glassdoor also has helpful tools as Covid-19 resources to help job seekers amidst the pandemic.

  1.   Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is another exceptional product from Google, which intends to help job seekers get to the right job lists. Google for Jobs is a job search engine that presents all the compiled lists from the entire internet world, including other job search sites. Users just have to type the job title in the bar, the one they are interested in, and Google will pull up all the related listings mentioned online for the results. Users, however, get the option to search by the type of job, location, company, the date the job was posted, and much more. 

  1.   Idealist

While all the job portals are designed for almost all levels of job seekers from fresher, to mid-level, to experience with the decade(s) of experiences. Idealists bring in to focus the volunteer work, internships that are full-time all within the nonprofit sector – this makes it a unique job search engine. You can recognize targeted organizations according to the missions and a particular set of opportunities that they offer within multiple niches. The users who registered can also search for contacts interested in contacts or fields and can even message them for networking. 

  1.   LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is the biggest networking site on the internet (675 million members) for professionals from all around the world, regardless of their location, background, and interest or career level. LinkedIn has proven itself to be the most productive and successful platform for searching for jobs, identifying contacts even for employers and recruiters who are looking for advertising in search of the right candidate, job seekers can follow the companies of their choice for getting notifications about future job posts from them. It also gives the option to its users to display their portfolio and everything work-related to demonstrate their work abilities in the best way. LinkedIn is also a wonderful place for passive job seekers who want employers or recruiters to find them. On top of that, LinkedIn keeps its users updated about the market job trends as well as the trends in the particular industry the candidate is from, it also gives a golden opportunity to get mentorship or career advice from highly qualified professionals in the same field who are within the same LinkedIn network typically. 

  1.   Linkup.com

If someone is looking for quality jobs as well as the content that is verified from the source, too—Linkup is the right job search site for them. The linkup is the job site that posts jobs that are available and provided by the employer’s official company website. By following this pattern, they save us from spam, scams, and duplication of jobs, job listings, closing, and posted dates of the current vacancies. 

  1.   Monster.com

Monster, founded in 1994, is one of the original job search engines and gradually expanded by adding other resources as well as apps for job seekers. The users on Monsters can search and apply for jobs online, post their resumes, review company profiles, and get salary information and get online career advice

. As per the data, every minute, 29 job seekers upload their resumes on monsters.com and enter 7,900 queries on the site.

  1. FlexJobs.com:

A lot of you might look for a job that is remote. Not everyone can do full-time office-based jobs. For those who are looking for remote jobs, FlexJobs is a blessing. Founded in 2007 by Sara Sutton, FlexJobs has almost 25000 listings for remote jobs from almost 5000 companies worldwide.

It is a membership-based website; one week trial for $6.94, one-month membership for $14.95, three-month membership for $29.95, and one-year membership for $49.95. According to the platform, they charge so that you can have an ad-free job search experience.


The bottom line is:

This was our list of the 10 best job search engines that may help you with job hunting. These job search engines have helped millions of people find their dream jobs. Everything has become digital in this era, so has job searching. Days are gone when one had to look at newspaper ads for job search – now, everything is happening online. All online platforms are created with one mission in mind – to help the masses find jobs. 

Now, this is up to you to make the best out of them. However, we can give some advice to you to make your job hunting smooth. Despite everything, as a candidate, prove yourself worth investing, from the very initial stage of sending your CV to appearing for an interview or test. Getting a call or shortlisted is not enough—you should show interest and give your best shot. If not a job, you will make a great repo by just impacting a responsible and someone who does his work wholeheartedly—even if the compensation is not enough or you do not qualify—either way you have created a long-lasting impression.