I'm Zoya Naqvi.


Personal Branding Coach - 40+ Businesses & Agencies Consulted - Author - Contributing writer to 29+ International publications - Marketing & Visibility Strategist -Visiting Lecturer to BBA & MBA - Journalism Grad & Filmmaking post-grad


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Why is having a Personal Brand online essential?

⭐️ 84% of all decision-makers depend on people’s referrals

⭐️ 92% of people’s trust people more than businesses.

⭐️ 65% view online search as the most trusted source of information for people and companies.

⭐️ 44% of the market value of any company is attributed to the reputation of its CEO.

⭐️ 50% of people who Google themselves say the results don’t reflect them.

⭐️ Opportunities and recognition flow to those who learn the art of self-promotion.

⭐️ If you’re invisible in your market, your growth will be slow compared to anyone who has a visibility strategy in place. 

⭐️ You are not authentically connecting with your ideal audience.

⭐️ You can have thousands of followers, and still won’t be able to monetize it because the audience is not right or not ready to buy from you.

⭐️ You can post educational and valuable content all day every day and it won’t convert because everything is available online.

⭐️ You can get all the engagement, your content could go viral more than a few times and if it’s not getting you, people who are interested in working with you, it’s not enough.

⭐️ You can get people interested in working with you, but if they are negotiating and paying you peanuts, they do not value your time, expertise, and efforts.

So what do you need to make a profitable income with impact?

✅ Powerful Personal Brand 

✅ Brand Positioning 

✅ High-ticket offer(s)

✅ Evergreen lead generation strategies. 

✅ More time for yourself, your family, and passion projects.

✅ Less hustle, scalable income. 


Personal Brand Coaching - 1:1 or 1: many

In this program, you will learn and execute strategies to build your Personal Brand so you can start attracting clients and opportunities. You leave with a pricing model, lead generation strategies, brand story, storytelling, and content frameworks that will convert into clients and visibility strategy so you and your business stand out in the online noise. You will get Voxer support until you make your ROI. That means you get an ROI guarantee.

Social Media Management - DFY

It's a done-for-you service where I, along with my talented team, take charge of your social media. We curate visibility strategies that get the right eye on your content. You get content, reels/TikTok, copy captions, social media optimization (SEO), engagement + hashtag strategies, and scheduled content based on your launch strategy, offers, brand voice, and values. Personalized strategy just for you, one-size-fits-all doesn't work. We will analyze your competitors and target market to create a consistent messaging strategy, boost visibility and celebrity, and promote your brand and partnerships.


Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube


Copywriting, Creatives, Video Production and Editing, Scripts/Prompts, Hashtag strategy, SEO Optimization, Engagement strategies, Keyword Research, Social Media Optimization, Community Management, Scheduling, Competitor Analysis

Social Media Visibility Strategy ​ - Done with you

We sit together and carve out a Strategic Messaging & Positioning for businesses and Personal Brands so you get the right attention, so it is easy for you to convert. It will be a repeatable process

Content Repurposing and Distribution - DFY

Do you have tons of content on YouTube, your group, courses, or from your Lives, long posts/captions, emails, blogs, or any format that you think will resonate with your audience? DM @thezoyanaqvi to schedule a meeting with me. I, along with my content team, will help you repurpose that content into multiple pieces using our signature syndication framework so you can post on your socials and never run out of content. You will get reels, TikTok, tweets, carousels, blog content, copies of text format, stories, value ladder posts, and engagement drivers.

Become an Author - DFY

Write and publish your book with me! You have been dreaming of writing your book for a while, but life gets in the way. I see you and I hear you. It takes a village to write a book, get it proofread, beta read, edited, get the book covers completed, audiobooks, structure, and formatting, get it published, and now sales? Also, writing a book itself is a lonely process. I have had 3-4 friends who were published authors. They could only guide me, but sometimes you are not sure if it is making any sense. Why would anyone read it? Should I change it, move it or just delete it? And now what's next?

How do we go about it?

We schedule a call and see how you need help. If you are a gifted writer, fine. Otherwise, I will record your story, and request you to send me an audio version of the story. From there, I, along with my genius team, will convert that into a writing format, edit that and share it with you before finalizing it. If you want an audiobook, that's fine. Or else, we will complete the book, book covers, and mockups and will share promos for you to promote yourself as an author. We get your book published and we will schedule you for relevant podcasts, YouTube channels, and guests where you can market your book. By the time we complete your project, you will be an authority in your industry, an author, and have a network of like-minded people. We can even use that as a book funnel to get you more business through that.

Visibility Boosters - DFY

Using my PR and marketing skills, I will help you highlight your business or Personal Brand strengths so you can get relevant opportunities and get more business. I primarily help my clients with long-lasting evergreen visibility strategies, which include: Getting featured on Podcasts Getting featured on YouTube channels Speaking opportunities and how to get them Guest blogging Media Kit Collaborations in the relevant network. Gives you the ability to get in front of new audiences while also increasing your expert authority. Because your network IS your net worth and without visibility, you cannot have that. These collaborations will appear in searches and relevant results long after when you've forgotten about them.


You can read some of them here though!

Who is Zoya?


When she is not writing or working on her passion projects in her favorite coffee shop and personal development, you can find her journaling, learning interesting stuff, and binge-watching YouTube or Netflix. 

On Tuesday night you can find her doing yoga, in the middle of the day taking long peaceful walks, sipping tea in 100F and she will not compromise on her uninterrupted sleep.

Don’t be shocked if you see her making friends in a waiting lounge because her friendly nature wins her friends everywhere more than she could keep up with. As an Enneagram 7, her self-assured, slightly loud, and open-minded personality intimidates some and ‌attracts secure, ambitious, and confident people.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-15 at 11.35.52 PM

Still, she manages to have a small circle of amazing friends. If something or someone doesn’t align with her, you won’t see her around again. Her threshold to tolerate something that costs her peace is too low since she was a kid. She has changed her entire lifestyle multiple times, rebuild her career, network, and everything she thought doesn’t go with where she sees her future self there.

Her family has been the most important part of her life until her passion projects and the minute her passion became her profession. Being a fire sign makes her the most competitive, forward thinker in any room, but as a manifesting generator (human design) she works on multiple projects at one time. In the middle of a pandemic, while handling uncertainty and emotional dips she was juggling painting classes, writing her books, doing some certifications/courses, and yoga all while managing her full-time remote job, and occasional road trips, and decided to sign up with business mentors.

That’s when she realized ‌she needs help with assembling her multi-faceted career and passion projects into something concrete, and there is no going back. Ever!