Digital Monetization with Author Zoya

I transform businesses into brands through powerful branding and social media marketing that generate leads. 

I fell in love with the internet pretty early in my life, managed my first Facebook page in 2009, grew it to 2k followers organically, and got two of my blog monetized in the same year. I started freelancing a few years into my Film & Media Studies degree and by now I have managed various blogs, websites and designed kick-ass content and digital marketing strategies.
I created my first Facebook and Instagram Ad in 2014 and never looked back because of the spectacular results (ROAS) in a short amount of time.
As a Social Media Recruiter, I have interviewed almost 6000 candidates for multiple vacancies locally and internationally while managing a brand new page that gained 400k followers in less than 2 years.
Zoya Naqvi - Author and Digital Markter
I have been working in the marketing industry for over a decade and designing campaigns because my specialization is in Advertising and PR. And I love it! I’m one of those fortunate people who are doing what they always loved and started as a hobby. 🙂
My education, passion, hobbies, and professional experience include teaching, writing gigs, and volunteer work has made me a lifelong learner and planner.
My books as an author are also an attempt to reflect on everything I learned that can help people in a long run. That is a compilation of 100+ Zero Investment Profitable Biz Ideas and the second book is on Social Media Monetization.
When I am not working, you can find me laughing at stupid jokes with family and friends if I’m not scrolling through my phone or binge-watching something. 😀

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