How to manage money like a millionaire?

March 6, 2021 admin

The sound of the word Millionaire suggests that lots of us would love to have this title. But, is that workable? 

Trust it or not, turning into a millionaire is a purpose that can be executed within the time-frame of 12 months. This is not a tall claim because in all my researches I have found millionaires taking some similar routes, several instances, and common denominators during their respective journeys. Most of the time, while millionaires were gambling on vehicles, stock exchange, homes; they had been living a life constantly. I had no reason to be sitting idle. 

Even after blowing hundreds of thousands, the progression of becoming a millionaire has been constant. If you observe and pick up those eight priceless pieces of ideas, in the end, any of us can be a millionaire. The key ingredient is believing in your idea first, no matter how massive or small the business plan is – the belief in you becoming a successful millionaire. 

Following are some tips to manage your money, as millionaires do. However, these tips need determination, and consistency to pave your way to becoming a millionaire.

  1. Write A Precise Financial Plan – act like millionaires do

One of the major reasons why someone can in no way end up becoming a millionaire is since they haven’t written a financial plan. In any business process, capital investment is the first practical step towards starting any business. The execution process of becoming a millionaire also begins with managing funds and that eventually will decide how progressive you can be in your game. Building a financial plan forces you to take any action, rather than just talk. It also guides you in making the right decisions in order to win all your desires and goals.


While developing a financial plan, remember the following:

  • Prioritize: Pay attention to what matters the most in the list and don’t waste your time and energy on something that doesn’t require any. 
  • Jot down the known expenses from your budget so you can regulate them accordingly and the remaining budget can be spent on the optional expenses. 
  • Be mindful of your future too by figuring out what and how much would you anticipate to survive further. 


  1. Raising Your Profits Consciously – think like millionaires do

As quoted by Grant Cordone, “In the contemporary financial environment, you cannot find your way to millionaire stature” who went all the way from being broke and in debt at the age of 21 to a self-made millionaire by the time he turned 30. The first step towards becoming a millionaire is to make a clear difference while increasing your profits in increments and constantly repeating that process.

According to some financial advisors and business coaches, who say that becoming a millionaire can be simply seen by just selling $100 worth of product or service to your first 1000 customers, and you just have to keep repeating the process ten times. I found that very motivating for me. So, it comes down to the fact that consistency is the key. Either the product is worth $1000 or $1, the empires can’t show up in a jiffy. 

Grant also mentioned his track in which he told that his income was $3,000 a month and 9 years down it elevated to $20,000 per month. If you follow the money, it will gravitate you towards the revenue-generating mindset where you will spot opportunities. Another school of thought believes you can achieve your dreams gradually too, by taking one step ahead. 

Luckily, you have got several alternatives to give your income a bump, like investing in a high return on investment groups and side hustling. F.O.C.U.S.: Follow One Course Until Success.


  1. Bring Your Taxes to the Minimum – manage your money like millionaires

The finest idea to become a millionaire is to place the power of compound interest within yourself. By giving your money some extra time to multiply and keeping your return at the maximum or setting a return as high as it is realistically possible. That is how you substantially grow your possibilities of accomplishing a seven-figure net worth,” says Brian Feroldi on the Motley fool.

If you are keen to become a millionaire, keep your investments and taxes as low as possible—this methodology will take you far more than you initially planned for. 

Earning an enormously huge amount is rather impractical and fits the phrase “easier said than done”. Though, all buyers do have control over two major factors that could put an extreme drag on long-term returns: investments and taxes. If you want to be a millionaire one day, concentrate on keeping both as low as your business allows.

You need to use a broker or brokerage company strategy that charges too low, according to the trade, and does not trade too often. 


  1. Multiple Streams of Income – work like millionaires

After researching millionaires for 5 years, author Thomas Corley cited that around 65 percent of the self-made millionaires had on average 3 income streams, forty-five percent had 4 income streams, and 29 percent had 5 or more streams. This also counts running a start-up, working part-time, small or big investments, and renting out multiple items from your own home to your vehicle to household stuff.


  1. Systematize Your Savings – save like millionaires

If you are reading the fifth point, you sure want to know how millionaires become millionaires. Saving is significant and is a proven fact that it helps you grow financially. Yet, thinking big is more efficient when you invest 10% and save 5%. Setting a proportion is very important to reap more fruits rather than focusing on one method only. 

  1. Keep Updating Yourself – learn like millionaires do

Just like any app, smartphone, laptop, education also needs to be updated constantly. Therefore, it is suggested to study at least for half an hour a day. Studying can be in any form. I know the first thing that comes to mind is either reading a book or newspaper. However, it can be an audiobook, radio or TV shows, podcasts, online blogs, and articles. Look out for mentors and trainers; learn from them. Pick good things from random people who inspire you. 

And do not be specific while learning something. Do not restrict yourself; explore different horizons. Focus on being a well-rounded genius who can take almost any challenge whether it is monetary, political, or sports-related. Absorb knowledge like a sponge and put your quest of studying above everything else. 


  1. Do Not Overburden Yourself With Credits – play safe like millionaires

It’s a well-known fact that the richest people in the world spend their money sensibly. They don’t spend excessively on fashion designers and luxury gadgets. They use coupons and they’re recognized for residing underneath their means with the aid of shopping for modest homes and cars.

They’re also known for maintaining their debt under their control by the use of credit score cautiously. Take a cue from T. Boone Pickens, who simply carries plenty of cash according to his needs for whatever he intends to shop for.

  1. Surround Yourself With Millionaires – get the company of millionaires

As mentioned on various occasions by experts and motivational speakers that “Your network is your net worth” and sometimes rephrased as “You are an average of the six people you surround yourself with”. This isn’t a brand new philosophy. 

Exposing yourself to people who are extra successful than you by staying in their company has the potential to magnify your thinking and boost your incomes, says Siebold. We effortlessly and unconsciously become just like the people we accompany, and that’s why champions attract champions.

We all pick something from everybody in our surroundings, no matter how minute—our minds are programmed this way. Just like in a gloomy room, you will feel gloomy after a while, a cheerful environment will lift your mood – this is exactly how you will pick some habits from millionaires. It is more about habits than a plan. 



The aforementioned are some tips, I have jotted down after extensive research about how millionaires manage and save their money. You can follow these tips to fulfill your goal of becoming a millionaire.


How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger and Make Money?

March 6, 2021 admin

In today’s digital world, where we want everything to look good because everything, we are making it for eyes first than anything else. Starting from food, our homes, our lives on social media, the interiors and exteriors of buildings, and whatnot. The structure and design of social media platforms are in a way that they encourage visual posts on every level. Popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and all the apps where users post their stories in a form of short videos. Plus, the results show visual content gets way too elevated responses online as compared to anything else. 

In this particular write-up, we will discuss beauty blogging as our primary subject. Also, how any blogger or vlogger (video blogger) can make money through it too. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for becoming a successful beauty blogger?  

A beauty influencer, either on YouTube or Instagram, is someone who may be a professional make-up artist or being a makeup enthusiast, as there are no prerequisites or criteria for becoming a beauty blogger. Yet, the interest level has to be extraordinary. If makeup and beauty are something you eat, talk, live to an extent that you almost breathe it then this is something you can do to make your name in the digital world. 

If you are a makeup enthusiast who likes to collect makeup and watch hundreds of makeup videos and follow many famous beauty bloggers and makeup channels. Anyone who can create and post videos to YouTube about cosmetics, fashion, hair-styling, nail arts, and other beauty-related topics. For my rescue, I got hold of something which quenched my thirst for a daily dose of makeup videos because YouTube is now only one click search away. So, I am going to give you a gist of all my research and observation of what is going on in the beauty industry online. 

How can blogging get you money? 

As per the latest reports shared, influencers charge their client companies based on their followers. Instagram charges $1,000 per 100,000 followers while Snapchat begins at $500 per campaign in 24 hours, whereas YouTube can get you roughly $2,000 per 100,000 followers.

How to become a successful beauty blogger or influencer? 

Beauty blogging, unlike any other genre, has everything that anyone would need to enrich their visuals for acquiring the best response. Posting content on Instagram and YouTube either as a review, talk, covering makeup exhibitions, posting pictures of make-up equipment, while getting ready, dolling up a client, giving a brief or detailed makeup tutorial on yourself, reviewing a newly launched makeup or skincare product, or your results after trying something new whatever scenario it maybe – it going to look great on-screen because of the colors. 

Which Medium to Focus On For a Kick-Start?  

Instagram and YouTube are the most popular places where beauty bloggers have millions of followers with thousands of activities going, and this helps them to make money from Instagram and other social media. Of course, you can multiply the efforts by focusing on other social media platforms too. Also, the engagement rate on each post matters a lot. Since most of the influencers have more followers than the amount of engagement they get on each post. The roles can be reversed and you may be getting paid based on each engagement than the number of followers or subscribers you have. 

Why YouTube or Instagram?

Seeing the nature of the business and what is the hip trend in the market. Instagram and YouTube go very well with beauty blogging. Getting paid through these sources is one aspect, and it requires a good amount of patience to reach that point. Whereas, for collaborations and earning through different streams is an added benefit; even for those who are looking at beauty blogging as some sort of hobby or part-time. They can get above satisfactory results if worked with consistency and given due attention and dedication. 

Instagram can get somewhere $250 to $750 per 1,000 engagement rate. Apparently, this can extensively differ depending on the YouTuber’s number of following and what the marketing objective is. As a general rule, YouTubers usually charge around $10,000 per 100,000 views. It is, however, hard to guess how many views a native video may get, hence an advertiser has to take this risk. 

How Much YouTube Pays YouTuber Per View?

When I am writing this, AdSense which is used for YouTube advertising is currently paying between 1 to 2 dollars on average per 1000 views. Therefore, if you plan to make $1000 dollars per month, you require 500k to 1 million monthly views to meet the criteria. Advertising and marketing are just one of quite a lot of methods to make money on YouTube!

As stated by TubeMogul, which buys and sells video ads, Kay, a successful YouTube channel, roughly makes around $7.60 per 1,000 ad views, which is lower than $9.35 in 2012. Ads only run on a minimum of video content shown. Approximately, a video creator makes $2,000 on every million views and then YouTube takes 45 percent. 

Market trends for becoming a successful beauty blogger: 

  1.   Magic links/ShopStyle/RStyle links

These are relatively new terminologies introduced in the market, so, if this is the first time you are reading these – that’s ok. Basically, Magic links, ShopStyle, and RStyle are the companies that give you customized links for the products you would mention in your description box. More like an Amazon influencer or affiliate program where you get a certain amount of commission after selling one of their products as your reward for endorsing their product on your online profile. 

  1.   Unboxing Updates. 

Technically and traditionally, when you have your blog or vlog, your presence on social media is extensive and the followers look forward to seeing what you are up to. Curiosity takes a significant part in human nature and social life—try to cash it out in order to get the attention where exactly you want. Unboxing newly bought or sponsored stuff online is a thing, followers are curious to see what the packaging holds and they will believe your first-hand experience when you use that yourself. That is just another way to influence who follows you and watches everything you do. 

  1.   AdSense

In simple words, AdSense is referred to as making money from Google or YouTube. If you get AdSense on your blog, website, or YouTube channel, you get sponsored ads amidst your content and that is when you earn. You must have seen ads on YouTube whenever you watch a video that is what I am talking about—this is how the channel is earned by allowing monetization on their platform. It might look too tempting to get ads on your channel or website, but it is recommended to get a good following before you do that. Focus on your content and how you can make it more engaging and get more people to follow it, eventually. In that scenario, give your initial followers or viewers ad-free content and make it less distracting for them so they hit the back button.  

  1.   Instagram Posts

There are many bloggers and vloggers who are solely relying on Instagram to make money and are doing pretty well. Why Instagram? The foremost reason which I could grasp during my journey of being an influencer was that it is relatively way too easy to get followers on Instagram than getting subscribers on a YouTube Channel. 

Now that Instagram allows 60 seconds videos, it, in fact, is a great way to endorse or redirect the followers to your YouTube posts. Instagram is like a scrapbook, you know how to utilize it to get the best out of it. Be strategic, plan a bit, use the Instagram features smartly, keep your audience engaged and interested. Use the words creatively, post-high-quality pictures and videos, 


  1.   Sponsor Dedicated Videos

Collaborating with other bloggers, vloggers, brands, and products in various capacities to bring your platform multiplied attention. The most common collaborations seen online are for “Give Away” unboxing a sponsored product. In the beauty world, collaborating with makeup or skin products and using them during tutorials and reviews is also a great marketing gimmick that works too. This increases your online influence and opens avenues for revenue generation. Most of the videos posted online on YouTube are sponsored by skincare or makeup products. The best idea is to post about different 

  1.   Make Highlights

Another way to be a successful beauty influencer is to maintain your highlights. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all proactively bring their “highlight” feature. Highlighted post on Instagram is usually a story that was then kept on top of your profile with a bio. On Facebook, they have this feature with the same name and another similar feature that serves the same purpose with the name of “pin”. YouTube channels also have highlighted videos that usually have the intro or their best video post. The purpose for highlights is to literally highlight and make some content stand out and to keep that on top of the feed for the longest period. Most of the time, the posted content doesn’t stay longer than a few days, no matter how good. In the case of viral content too, the trend shifts after a while and the post goes out of sight. 

  1.   Discount Codes

Offering discount codes is also another popular way and a major source for generating influencer revenue. Shoot an email to any company you think applies to your blog, obviously, as a makeup blogger, you would go for something similar that helps both businesses. You will be surprised to know that a massive amount of brands will share discount codes with not too heavy followings on their influencer’s profiles—obviously for that extra exposure. All you have to do is to reach them out via email or Direct Message them. 

  1.   Insta Snapchat Stories

Since visual content gets the maximum response regardless of which platform it has been posted on. It is highly recommended to add as much video content as possible to reach out to the majority who love watching more. Almost every social media networking site has introduced Stories feature; be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram. Nevertheless, Snapchat was the first one to introduce this concept of sharing mini clips instantly, and YouTube is the biggest online video content site. 

Utilize stories in the most creative way where you can endorse your blog with maximum exposure. Also, focus on the outcome first and decide the strategy after seeing which platform gets you the most following and brings better response than others—prioritize accordingly.  


Being a beauty blogger may open new horizons for some ambitious people and some aspirants might be interested in knowing the future prospects as well. A successful beauty blogger or influencer is already a celebrity if you want to rely on that source of income. I also have a list of the richest YouTuber in 2018, to inspire you and get you an idea of what big deal beauty and makeup industry is now, Jake Paul making USD$11.5M per annum while Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) made USD$12M followed by Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) who earned USD$12.5M. 

Besides that, since you are the makeup guru online, you can further your career by becoming a beauty editor. A beauty Editor makes an average salary of $50,230 annually.  Beauty editors manage the appearance-related content in a publication, which can include features on skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. They typically work at women’s or fashion magazines to cover products and trends. … More and more of these professionals work from home or freelance.

As far as the success of the online makeup venture is concerned, consistency is the key to reach the top of whichever field you choose and the same goes for making a mark online too. Although, there are methods and strategies to progress everywhere which can always be considered and followed.



Organic vs. Paid Marketing in 2021: What’s better?

March 2, 2021 admin

Before we dive into the comparison and discuss the pros and cons of paid and organic search, let’s first understand the basic differences of both. When people reach out to any website by finding your links from engine search results it is usually known as organic traffic. Contrary to it, we pay the top results on the search engines even above the organic links search accounts. Companies pay for those links to appear on spot one. 

You have a question, the first thing you will do is to type your query on Google, right? 81% of us have the same practice unless someone prefers Bing or Yahoo. Google, too, offers two different methods to bring traffic to the websites—Paid & Organic. Paid marketing is better known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) while the organic source is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Organic Search Results or SEO

I consider this organic search or search engine optimization a highly valuable traffic source for various reasons. Back in the days ranking in top results was not a big deal, when writing a few articles was enough to bring the results in top search results, which is why SEO was simple. There was no competition only a handful of people were present online, unlike now. 

Why Organic Optimization? 

– Google is the primary source for researching anything, and it directs the maximum organic traffic to the website. 

– Google is notably picky with ranking the website in the first five results based on keywords or content. Regardless, the key ingredient is to have high-quality content.

– Moving up to top results in engine search organically takes time, however, patience and a good amount of effort are prerequisites if you are targeting for top 10 or top 5. Once you reach your aimed destination, the results will be worth all the wait. 

– On Google, as per the facts, the first top 10 results in the search results get 92% attention from the total search traffic. 

– Over 95% of the traffic drops when they have to go to the second page of search results. 

–    33% of the clicks from the total organic search results come on the first listing of Google. 

– Around 57% of B2B (business-to-business) marketers suggest SEO brings a favorable influence on lead generation. 

– Comparatively, the organic search leads get 14.6 close rates on average, as compared to 1.7% through outbound marketing leads. 

– According to behavior research, the highest online spenders are more inclined towards organic information from search results as compared to the paid ones. 

– As per the reports, on average, there are above 10.8 billion Google searches done monthly. 

–    78% of the people from the US research for products and services online before placing an order or going out for getting that finally. 

Google not only influences users’ opinion but the buying behavior and overall lives too. Since online searching and researching online is a deeply rooted habit now, organic traffic is very unlikely to slow down in the coming years. 

Paid Search Results:

Paid search is digital marketing where search engines such as Google show ads on google to get an account on any search engine to appear on top of all the results; including the ones that made their spots organically. They do this predominantly because reaching the top ten search results requires a good amount of effort and had too much competition in order to make a mark, therefore, digital marketers or business owners chose the instant way to get quick results, i.e. paid marketing. 

SEO, as discussed above, demands patience so it can grow on its own; paid marketing comes off way to easier in order to reach the top results in a shorter time span and increase organic traffic.

Just to get an idea of how much money has been spent on paid marketing, we will take Google’s AdWords program example. Google is the most commonly used search engine for paid marketing, popularly known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising available online. Amongst hundreds of other high revenue-generating brands such as YouTube and Android, AdWords accounts are managing to produce 70% of their profit, which is enough to justify its efficiency. 

While starting your very first campaign on Google AdWords, you must remain careful and smart. Gradually, if things start well, you will start tons of targeted website traffic to your landing pages way too speedier than organic marketing can ever bring in. 

The bottom line is: 

Conventionally, inbound marketers do not prefer a paid search because they view it more than an outbound technique for marketing. Nevertheless, with the emergence of Social Media Marketing and online tools like Hub Spot Ads, it’s getting way too popular for both to work in an organized manner. 

Realistically, if you go for SEO or the Organic method, you will start seeing some progress in search rankings after almost three to six months, and the majority of us do not have the patience to wait for results. Whereas paid search helps your website get the right visitors at the moment and speeds up the lengthy course of optimizing your landing pages for higher conversion rates, eventually paying off enormously in the longer run.

Therefore, if you compare the pros and cons of organic search with the paid search, do a brainstorm session meeting with your teammates, compare your deadline tentative, timeline, and budget of the project. If you are looking for instant results, paid search is recommended. If you’re looking for the most economical and cost-saving results, the answer is to develop organic search results. Maybe you need a combination of both. The consensus says that the organic search is the most cost-effective digital marketing method for the long run. 

8 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Crucial for your Business?

March 2, 2021 admin


Foremost, select the social media platforms wisely according to your brand’s nature, you definitely don’t need Flickr for showcasing your singing nor does your cake shop make any sense on Twitter, the same way Tumblr is not suggested for your plumbing services. Identifying your brand first and choosing the right social media platforms would get you the right leads and attention. Otherwise, you would just get some random who probably won’t be interested in your product or service. Well, keep scrolling we are going to discuss why social media marketing is important?

If you are reading this article, chances are you have a startup and/or you are trying to find thrifty ways to market your business. There could be two types of businesses, either service-based or you might have some products to sell. Whatever the nature of your business is; you need to brand it somewhere worth spending your time and money. 

The aim could get the attention of your potential customers or making your work stand out amongst throughout a fantastic social media marketing campaign. 

For building your brand’s presence online, the most popular forum is Facebook, and after that, we see various social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Before we jump into all the advantages one can get from social media, I would like you to comprehend two things: 

  1.   Create an Impact

There are various social media platforms that can be fruitful for boosting your business and grabbing the right attention. However, in order to create an impact, you don’t need your brand on all the social networking sites. Pick 2 or 3 social media sites that are relevant; it will get you better ROI and save you time. Analyze your target market, their behaviors, and interests. You got to be constant with branding your company’s name. 

Each social media platform offers something unique, covers something you may or may not need. Research, research, and learn from other’s mistakes and try to keep it short. The best way is to compare the strengths of each social networking site before signing up. Do consider the average reach of all the platforms and business tools and why would you need them. There is no need to go wild, just make your brand available for minimum social media platforms and be consistent while posting the content. 

  1.   Build Credibility

Having a strong social media set-up for any brand with a massive following is amazing, but building credibility needs more than that. For winning trust, the quality of your services and products has to be up-to-the-mark. In scenarios where things go wrong, your brand should know how to compensate for that and how to acknowledge customer’s feedback and presence. As Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. 

Since I don’t know the product and nature of the brand, you are going to market, so I can’t really give my expert opinion on that. I would base my suggestions on facts and stats to aware you of the market and help you design your digital marketing campaign predominantly for social media. Speaking of social media, there are 5-7 extremely popular apps that can help you boost your business online. Facebook has around over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram with 4 billion-plus active monthly users, Twitter has 320 million monthly active users, and Pinterest has 100 million active users per month. 

I will tell you the nature and number of consumers which will help you comprehend the masses you would like to attract for your brand. The number of internet users in 2019 is 4.388 billion, while the number of social media users is 3.484 billion. Therefore, while designing the strategy, social media marketers must keep the essence of youthfulness and engagement as much as possible. Analyses have shown that visuals get 90% better results as compared with boring static pictures and posts. 

  1.   Influence Search Rankings

It has now been proven with facts and figures over time and through various indicators that signify that social media platforms altogether influence search engine results. Consistent social media marketing gets the online content a huge bump on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. According to a study on Search Ranking Factors, some state that social networking sites appear in the top ten results on any search engine results. Hootsuite also endorses the fact that social media and SEO are a real deal.

  1.   Brings the Human Factor in Your Brand

Social media brings an opportunity for any brand to reach out to the masses and to humanize in order to intensely lift marketing efforts. Almost 60% of human beings have a photographic memory, and we naturally notice stuff in pictures. Therefore, after adding the human touch in everything and all the labors put in social media management and marketing significantly greater conversion rates have been witnessed.

Whether you are getting the reach or not, show up for your business, people are watching.

It is a psychological fact that people like to interact with people, not robots. By adding the humanizing factor in the brand and exhibiting real visuals of existing customers, and people working for the brand behind the screen. It is an easy and doable method for swaying this moment in order to get improved results by building the relatability and credibility factor simultaneously.

  1.   Influence Buying Decisions

Social media is not a magic stick, it read psychological patterns, well researched and strategic plan for swaying the set targeted market in order to generate sales from them. No matter how good your marketing is, regardless of the invested amount of money in marketing; the offered product or services have to be satisfying to survive in the competitive industry. Nevertheless, it is an open secret that buying behavior, customer reach, and sales can be produced through influencer marketing and word of mouth too. Trustworthiness, consistent delivery of all the promises made while marketing, and all excellence of the business influence customer retention and purchasing decisions a great deal. 

  1.     Rank website on Google

Websites need the traffic to survive. There are millions of websites that get zero visitors for the longest time. Social media shares and optimization ultimately increase the website traffic, offer services or products that are apparently to upgrade the business. Also, since posting on social media platforms helps target the audience in a most refined manner, that is the reason it is being used for bringing the right traffic to any website. You can interlink and optimize both platforms to your advantage. 

  1.   Bring Unexpected Customers

Thanks to the social media shares, predominantly through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and online suggestions, reviews, and good word-of-mouth, a significant number of indirect sales can be a byproduct of social media platforms. You can run any company that has a defined audience and market it digitally it will not only establish your business as an online brand, eventually, but it will also get hundreds of visitors as organic traffic organically as well. The key is to stay active on social media, where your target market hands out and post quality content regularly with strategy. It takes 7 times to get registered in someone’s memory and almost the same or more frequency before the buyer makes the purchase. 

  1. Incorporate Traditional Media

Social media has totally changed conventional marketing and typical branding and PR. As per the latest marketing research too, television commercials and all the advertising campaigns run that integrate hashtags and digital trends in their plan are proven to be more active and have laid a progressive step towards business growth. The simplest reason behind it is that half of our population is on social media.


Final Thoughts

Doing marketing, spending on paid advertisement, and spending strategically with a plan are the key differences between getting results and establishing your business as a brand.


What are the Keys to Success When Working Remotely?

March 2, 2021 admin


Remote working allows us to appoint and work with several smartest individuals all over the world. Several finest employees are progressively demanding flexible timetables, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic has struck. Workforces who do remote working successfully are in-demand the most.

Ever since I moved to another state to stay with my mother. I was lucky enough to get permission of working in an office at home set-up for an indefinite period considering my situation and previous performance. The initial yet biggest challenge I had to face was to get a stable internet connection for successful remote working and 

Here are some remote working tips that can be supportive, qualifying, and developing for successful remote working.

  1. Communication is the Backbone while working remotely

The important step to being successful in several qualified roles is communication, but when it comes to working from home, it is an even more essential skill. Meanwhile, we’re no longer a few desks down from our colleagues or our supervisor, it’s our employment to program check-in conferences with them on a weekly basis to fix on the objectives, updates, suggestions, solutions to new things, forthcoming missions, and everyday responsibilities.

Check in to advocate for yourself and openly mention the improvement you’ve made in the previous week. The downside would be the minute you’re not in the workplace, it can challenge the supervisor to hold on to your work top-of-mind.

  1. Take Remote Tours Of The Production Floor

At all times, one of the best tips for remote workers is for company owners to walk the floor, and that doesn’t change just because specific individuals are working from home. Executives are duty-bound to make sure to check up informally on all the present employees, whether or not they are in the workplace. That will require them to set time separately daily for easy-going discussions.

The remote worker should try to choose four or five undiscriminating team employees every single week and talk with them on Skype. One should check in frequently to let team employees know that you’re around and accessible if they have any queries or concerns. 

  1. Always Undertake Positive Intent

Here is another tip, for individuals working in an office-home setup. Email, on-the-spot messages, and further technologies do allow individuals who work from home to interconnect quickly and effortlessly with coworkers in all places, but the nonexistence of photographic and spoken intimations creates miscommunication more commonly.

The miscommunication possibilities at that point get worse by the absence of connection and certainty when working at a distance. This produces a destructive concoction that can lessen belief even more.

The minute somebody says or does something that doesn’t make logic to you; start with the supposition that their aim was decent and accommodating. Starting from this assumption of positive intent will progress messages, connections, and beliefs. This idea might not always be accurate, however, that beginning topic will allow you to have an extra creative discussion, and eventually will generate not as much pressure and struggle.

Although this doesn’t mean that the other individual’s intent will continuously be positive, starting with that supposition provides you a chance to develop the consequences, even if that supposition is earlier recognized to be improper. 

  1. Try To Meet The TeamMates Personally

As much as we advertise the opportunities for remote workers, we admit that meeting personally is still the finest method to build a personal connection. Carry together a meeting every single year to take along all of the employees. Also, try to take collected local meet-ups or start informal plans occasionally. As soon as that personal connection has been completed, it’s considerably easier for team participants to carry on to build personal connections in a computer-generated location. 

  1. Build Connections

Amongst successful remote working ideas, another one is to build concrete working connections with others in the team. When individuals work close to each other, they see each other in lobbies, lunchrooms, and symposium rooms; making it much easier to have minor discussions or small talks that can lead to relations and a working connection. When we work from home, nothing of this takes place unexpectedly.

One shortcoming of remote workers is a sense of isolation. It depends on how you function too. Some people work best in isolation in terms of their productivity. If you purposefully work to build connections and rely on those you work with, the remoteness will be condensed, and the supremacy of work outcomes will increase too.

People who care about the business and are adoring about its mission will be self-motivated and drive their own efficiency. As soon as anyone places these ideas into action, teams will be more in force regardless of where individual team employees do their work each day. 

  1. Personal Development

You can take advantage of working from home by making smart schedules that suit you and your productivity depending on your requirements online too. Learn to manage your time according to your capacity and aspirations. Design the schedules where you can incorporate whatever you want, starting from an online MBA to a gym subscription, walking your dog to the park, or meditating for some time. Working from an office at home set-up gives you sufficient room for successful remote working.

  1. Get an App for Working Smart

Time management comes directly from our minds, thus, keeping track is a logical challenge. The most prominent drawback for working remotely is to justify your absence and even worse when your work is delayed and the only thing to blame is “remote work”. So, in order to keep the attention away from anything negative, look out for it, proactively. There are multiple apps for making your responsibilities easy and completing tasks before the deadline such as Reminders, Calendar integration, sharing with colleagues, Notes, and Checklists. Some project management apps that I would suggest are Asana and clickup.

The bottom-line: 

Utilizing all the best tips for remote work, you can benefit smartly and ultimately get success when you work from home. However, be considerate enough of other’s schedules that count sensitivity to deadlines, making yourself available for all meetings, not bringing out frequent excuses, not blaming someone even if there is a reason, showing up on time—not making anyone wait for you or going offline notifying no one. I hope the above tips will make your remote working successful.

12 Skills You Can Learn Online (FREE) to make money

February 26, 2021 admin

Learn online

We all are facing what we have not faced before – the biggest crisis of our times – covid-19. The covid-19 has changed how the world used to operate. We are living a new reality. Schools, colleges, and universities are closed. Employees have shifted to work from home, people are losing their jobs. Hence, the entire world is upside down. But, thanks to the internet, even in this situation you can learn a lot of new skills from the comfort of your home for free. These skills can help you survive in the post covid world. 

Well, pandemic or not – a degree alone cannot take you anywhere, but skills can. One should always invest in skill-building. This is an investment that never goes in vain. And, luckily, the era we are living in has become completely digital. Things have become easier than ever. No more going to academies, paying huge fees – one can easily learn a lot of skills at home, and that too for free.

We have listed down some useful skills that you can learn online from home for free. These skills will surely gonna help you in the long run.


  1.  Languages – learn multiple languages at home and increase your chance of getting hired:


language class

Learning a second language is scientifically endorsed and proven since it enhances cognitive skills. There are countless online language courses offered, for which it might require you to pay. On the other side, you have YouTube where you can learn the language from the scratch at the comfort of your home for free. Language classes are usually fun because of the silly mistakes we make with our classmates, which can be offensive or give an inferiority complex to some thin-skinned mates. If you are also hypersensitive or avoid public interaction, this can be a lifesaver for you. 

From a marketing point of view as well, the ability to speak multiple languages can help you earn some extra bucks while pursuing a job, therefore, language is considered an asset. 

We all know that the world has become a global village, hence, the need for communication in different languages has also increased. This is the high-time one should invest their time and energy in learning new languages. 


  1.   Photoshop – be creative, learn photoshop online at home:


Most of my friends, who took Photoshop as a course during university; to enhance their skills and to improve their photography, actually got great help from online tutorials while doing that. There are some great online sources that can be helpful for learning Photoshop. And this skill carries tremendous worth in the market, you can work as a freelancer or get a full-time job, depending on your portfolio. 

If you have plenty of free time you have these days, or you are stuck at home because of covid-19 – consider learning photoshop. This skill is going to take you places. And the best part is you can learn it for free and make money out of it later.

In fact, even amid the pandemic – this field is booming; thanks to the freelance market.


  1.   Social Media Marketing – why sit idle at home, learn SMM online, and get paid:


social media MANAGEMENT

You can build a life-changing feature for everybody’s daily use or the smartest device in the world which can attract masses from everywhere, however, unless you market your product right—you won’t be able to grab attention from anyone. Second, if you are marketing, but in case the branding plan is not appropriate, you might get nothing more than slight attention. Marketing is done to make your brand stand out for as long as possible. 

The most workable marketing you can learn online is social media marketing. This skill can help you land a new job in the digital marketing department, or most definitely would get you some online work depends on how you market your skill. 


  1.   Writing – get your writing skills improved at home and earn with it:


Everyone who goes to school or graduate can write, right? But the fact is, not everybody is a writer. Therefore, writing is an art and skill. If you polish this skill, it can definitely become your strength. If we talk about the writer, usually we visualize someone who writes books or maybe a film—something enormous. There are so many multi-dimensional facades of writing that you might find your niche within them if you research it. It is relatively easy to work on the skill which is already identified. You can learn various styles like article or content writing, journalistic writing, copywriting, press release writing, script or screenplay writing, research or academic writing, or perhaps, focus on only one writing style. 

Writing is a kind of skill that cannot just be utilized professionally by getting a job relevant to your skill but can help you if you have your own business or maybe start your own business. 

  1.   Public Speaking – learn the art of public speaking from the comfort of your home, practice, and be famous:


While public speaking is believed to be acquired only by being in public, confidently. There are experts who suggest some exercises to practice in a room only if you want to become a highly paid speaker. The exercises involve speaking, imitating, acting, or reading loudly in front of the mirror because you become what you practice. None of us would get a chance to speak in a room or hall full of people unless there is something special. So, in order to make that special moment powerful and worth remembering for everyone present there—practice is the key and we are our own best critic.

You can watch other public speakers from different backgrounds religiously, politically, or whatever—just to grasp their best traits. In order to learn something from them, it requires you to watch speeches by leaders and people answering in pageants or other competitions where they win under maximum pressure. These are the things I watch, you will find online courses or lectures, or someone expert who can train you and guide you according to your strengths and weaknesses. 

  1.   Culinary Arts – cooking skills can be learned at home for free, learn, and earn:


Cooking is considered essential because of its inevitable necessity. However, it is also a complete skill if worked in the right direction. Learning different cuisines is a leap from fundamental lessons to advanced and expert cooking. On top of this culinary art is all about designing and decorating your food to give it a finishing look. It is widely believed that you eat with your eyes before taking a bite, therefore, this art assures that the food looks worth eating. 

  1.   Video Editing – utilize your spare time, learn video editing at home for free, market needs this skill:

We discussed Photoshop above, which is fruitful for photographers to improvise their clicked pictures and to create innovative designs, but the restriction is Photoshop strictly deals with photos only—as the name indicates too. If anyone is interested in editing or producing videos; this would be an added advantage for them since they wouldn’t be relying on directors anymore. 

  1.   Technical Skills – invest your time in learning SEO, WordPress, coding, online and pave your way to success:


While all the ideas shared in this article are somewhat related to art and more toward the creative side. I would like to make it a point that skills in the technology field are highly paid, increase your probability of promotion, get your freelance work and ultimately elevate your worth as a professional in the market. The skills I believe can be beneficial for anybody would be Advanced Excel Skills, Website Designing, Blogging, and Codding, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] to name a few. 

  1.   Search Engine Optimization – SEO can be learned at home, be an SEO expert, and you won’t regret it ever:


You have a query, you type in the word or a sentence you want an answer for; you see the results and psychologically you will click the first link on the top of your results. Companies pay and will pay to get their website’s link on top of the results on search engines. Search Engine Optimization lets the companies get free traffic by using a set of keywords or phrases in search results in order to get free traffic-use them methodologically. 

  1.   Budgeting – sharp your money-managing skills at home and get paid higher:


Managing money is an art, and if you save some extra bucks, that is equivalent to money earned. Saving is as important as earning money. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to effectively manage our finances. This is exactly where an opportunity grows; especially for those who comprehend the ethics, legalities, risks, analyses, and nuances of the market can get them brighter opportunities in the future. 

  1.   Human Resource Management – learn Human Resource management at home and get your dream job:


Managing humans either for a small business or a big firm is a lucrative skill and comes with time and experience. However, by getting some certifications, and through an internship, you can gain this skill/or internships. Organizations have designated departments that are authorized for hiring, firing, and taking care of employee’s concerns. There are some online courses too, if you just want to learn the concepts and anatomy for a small business, doing an MBA is not the only option, and that is a hard road to achieve the same goal. 

  1.   Entrepreneurship – can be learned at home, become an entrepreneur, and the sky’s the limit:


If you want to be an entrepreneur in your life; it is recommended to find a coach or mentor who has done what you aspire to do already. You can invest in it financially or trade your skill in return for their knowledge and teachings. It will brighten up your vision, build up your business plan, and reinforce the strategies, precise management, and tips on financial management. Startups are a great idea in order to build local brands as well as offering a service within the community too. 


In this article, we shared 12 ideas for learning something from home for free that can add value to your life and career. There are zillions of ideas online on the internet, you can search and modify these or even find a brand new idea of your own after taking inspiration from any of these. Before you plan to take an online class, follow a course outline, do the certification, or even for proper research. Happy learning!

Wix vs WordPress – which one is better for blogging website, SEO, pricing, and eCommerce?

February 15, 2021 admin

If you want to learn how to make a website either for personal use or a professional website. I will introduce you to hundreds of web publishing solutions. However, Wix and WordPress are the most practiced and considered as the best in the market. So here, in this write-up, we will bring a brief yet categorical comparison between WordPress and Wix for your blog or website in order to make things clearer for everybody and deciding even more easily especially while choosing Wix or WordPress for their website, according to their necessities. We have analyzed and compared both platforms: WordPress and Wix – so you can understand which one is better for you.

wix or wordpress

Wix vs WordPress: Comparison

Let’s dive into a brief comparison of both platforms (Wix and WordPress), so, you, yourself can choose for yourself better – as per your needs and requirements.

Table of Content

  1. Is WordPress better than Wix for blogging?

  2. WordPress vs. Wix: Features and Flexibility

  3. WordPress vs. Wix for  SEO

  4. Wix vs WordPress: Templates and Designs

  5. Wix vs WordPress: Customer Support

  6. WordPress vs. Wix Pricing plans

  7. Final Verdict: WordPress vs. Wix for SEO and blogging

1. Is WordPress better than Wix for blogging?

Wix: If you want to make a website or blog on Wix, the maximum knowledge you need is to know how to use a mouse properly. It is easy, intuitive, fun, and does not require training or technical knowledge for making a website. It gets updated regularly and comes with hosting inclusive, templates, widgets in the accounts package. Since Wix is user-friendly, it requires a lot of dragging, dropping, and clicking—making the experience of stress-free and time-saving for designing and publishing a website. 

In the year 2016, Wix launched the latest revolutionary solution—Wix ADI, i.e. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence – enabling us to choose between classic Wix Editor and ADI. Along with this, Wix gives other options like Blogging, Business, Portfolio, and CV. No matter on which stage the website maker is, it is never difficult, either designing, creating a new blog post, changing the background on the homepage, or connecting a customized domain – everything can be done with a few clicks because of the visual interface of Wix website.

WordPress: Besides being the massively used and easiest CRM for a website – WordPress is relatively difficult as it is an advanced tool. If compared with Wix, it will be rated as difficult, primarily because it does not give a streamlined workflow being a web publishing solution. WordPress does not have a visual interface hence basic knowledge of coding will be required if customization will be made. Unlike Wix, WordPress comes with a CMS only, everything else is acquired individually whether the templates, hosting, widgets, or whatever is needed.  

  1.   WordPress vs. Wix: Features and Flexibility


Wix: Wix supports building blogs and eCommerce with great efficiency and versatility. It has a wide range of both free and paid add-ons known as App Market. All these apps are easy to install and manage; some are developed by Wix and some are by third-party developers. Some in-house features by Wix: 

  1.   Wix for eCommerce: Wix’s eCommerce engine is particularly designed for small shoppers and comes with multiple payment methods, the ability to generate coupons, tax management, options of products. 
  2.   Wix for Blogging: The blogging version by Wix has the option to schedule a post, allows Facebook comments, blog archives, featured posts, and everything that is fundamental to call a blog a blog.
  3.   Wix for Forum building: It sounds exceptional to have your websites’ own community, right? That’s what Wix offers–you just have to create a forum and you can install it from Wix App Market too within your website. 

WordPress: WordPress initially started as a blogging site, however, it developed from one motive to one versatile program which now creates websites, portfolios, online stores, and you name it. Today, when you look around, ask a website developer, SEO expert, or any tech-savvy professional, they will recommend a WordPress website. Whether you are looking for a professional-looking official website, a blog that will have thousands of pages, or SEO-friendly tools/widgets for a website – the answer will be a WordPress website. WordPress websites are also highly recommended and relevant for building eCommerce or online stores. The most possible reason is the plug-ins, which can literally serve any demanded purpose and increase the functionality—all thanks to the WordPress plug-ins. With Social Media Plug-ins to SEO packs, safety plug-ins, commenting systems, safety plug-ins, and a lot more if you explore, you will find 50,000 plus plug-ins. 

  1. WordPress vs. Wix: SEO:

    wix or wordpress for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is implemented to make sure the website is showing up in the Google search results(SERP). The more your website is showing up in Google results, the more traffic you will get on your website. What is the point of writing, managing, designing, planning, and posting on a website, if no one is reading it? As per a study conducted by AHREF (biggest SEO tool), where they analyzed 6.4 million Wix vs WordPress websites, WordPress SEO wins when it comes to tools and traffic. How? WordPress websites get 49x higher traffic monthly, Domain Rate (DR) of WordPress website is 3x higher than a Wix website. However, Wix websites get more monthly traffic on domain searches than WordPress websites.

     4. Wix vs WordPress: Templates and Designs 


Website Design

Wix: Wix has hundreds of good-looking, user-friendly, fully customizable templates that cover around 70 categories of industries and are totally free. It also has one-page landing designs as templates with no content on other pages—you build that on your own. Of course, there are some drawbacks with even the things we pay, and Wix templates are free—you cannot change the template in the middle of the editing process. Plus, Wix templates are in hundreds, but they’re mobile-ready, and you can change them from Wix’s Mobile Editor. 

WordPress: You can get the WordPress templates from two places: the WordPress directory being the biggest and popularly considered as an official point for downloading WordPress templates, and the second place is independent marketplaces and theme shops. There are thousands of free and paid themes are available, and unlike Wix templates, you can change the theme of WordPress. 

  1.   Wix vs WordPress: Customer Support

customer supoort service

Wix: Wix comes with a massive support system; with over 262000 topics covered in the official support forum, hundreds of tutorials and walkthroughs in the video format, an email support system, and a complete education program called WixED. Nearly all editable points have a help icon in the control panel of Wix—you just have to click in order to know more and understand better. 

WordPress: Since WordPress is more popularly used, if you Google any query, you can find hundreds of blogs specializing in WordPress, communities of webmasters and web developers, YouTube channels, however, there is no direct email for customer support help. No official support staff for quick solutions. 

6. WordPress vs. Wix Pricing plans

wix vs wordpress

Both WordPress and Wix pricing plans cover free versions that allow the users to build a personal blog or website of their own. However, that requires using of a sub-domain like xyz.WordPress.com, and this restricts the features and integrations to a greater extent. Therefore, the free version is not recommended for any professional or business website. 

WordPress pricing plans are comparatively inexpensive because you just have to get hosting, which is over $3/month while Wix charges $11/month for a business website. Even though Wix has a variety of products available, most of the businesses would still need an unlimited version for $12.50/month. For the eCommerce edition, for selling the products. While the free version would display Wix ads which are not recommended for a business site. 

Wix pricing plans come with four paid versions: Connect domain ($4.50/month), Combo ($8.50), Unlimited ($12.50), and VIP ($24.50). If you get an annual package, these are discounted then. WordPress: Since WordPress requires hosting and has its CMS free, then hosting would cost $2.955-46.95 per month. The theme if not free then the cost falls between $20-$100, however, that is a onetime payment, plugins are most of the times free, if the one you want is available paid then it would be somewhere around $20-$1000, and that is also a onetime payment.

WordPress vs. Wix for SEO and blogging: Final Verdict 

If you are looking for something reliable, long-term, and have plans for customization too–a WordPress website would be a good option and for that, it would require you to learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Wix website is easy to use, more user-friendly even for professional use, it has its own packages and some restrictions too. However, for SEO and templates, the WordPress website is a sure-shot winner. The ranking does not entirely depend on whether the website is made using Wix or WordPress, but we are trying to learn which one is SEO-friendly and gives better results. 


Top 10 job search websites in 2021

February 14, 2021 admin

Even though there are thousands of job search websites and recruitment sites available for job seekers, yet, the best job boards and job search engine sites have search tools that make searching for jobs and finding candidates way too easy. They also make getting the most appropriate results easier and quicker with desired location and criteria options than the advanced options are even more helpful. After careful consideration and analyzing many job search engines, we have come up with our list of top 10 websites of 2021.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our top 10 picks to make your job hunting easier.

List of job sites – our top ten picks:

1 Indeed.com 

2 CareerBuilder.com 

3 Dice.com 

4 Glassdoor.com 

5 Google for jobs  

6 Idealist  

7 LinkedIn.com  

8 Linkup.com  

9 Monster.com  

10 FlexJobs.com  

  1. Indeed.com

Indeed tops our charts because it posts millions of jobs from thousands of sources such as websites, company career sites, job boards, newspapers, classified ads, associations, and other job posting sources. Almost 10 new job listings are being added to the website every second. It gives the option to evaluate the salary ranges, market trends, and research more things related to jobs. The job seekers also have the option to upload their resumes and a personalized link which they can share with recruiters or employers. Indeed, has a salary comparison tool too, and a section dedicated to company reviews so that you can get an idea about the company you are going to apply to. All this makes indeed.com one of the top job search websites.

  1.   CareerBuilder.com

CareerBuilder is also one of the biggest job search websites on the internet, providing job listings, resume postings to career-related pieces of advice, and resources not only for job seekers but employers too. CareerBuilder gets job listings from employers directly and has diversified its horizon even more by partnering with various newspapers to get their online classifieds. Almost 25 million people browse through it every month to look for jobs and advice for their careers. Moreover, in the times of covid-19, CareerBuilder has added Covid-19 job resources for both employers, and job seekers.

  1.   Dice.com

For ranking these job search sites according to specializations—Dice.com is the top site for job seekers who are looking for something in tech that particularly offers 70000+ job openings. Technically, It is also quite advanced as it gives you the option to search through keywords, employment types, and the desired location(s). Registered users get the option to upload their resumes, can check information regarding salary, save resumes and their cover letters within the portal and track the jobs they have applied for. It also gives career advice and updates the trends and news related to tech for job seekers. Given the global crisis because of the pandemic, Dice.com has uploaded Covid-19 resources to help the masses in these tough times. Also, there is this new section called, ’career development is up on the site. This is basically a library of career development resources.

  1.   Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor is a website where existing and former employees anonymously review companies and their management—can be called a community that assists job seekers with finding jobs and getting the employers to help recruit top talent from the market. Glassdoor members can see the latest job listings, as well as get access to user-generated content such as salary reports, ratings, reviews, interview questions, and much more. Glassdoor’s data list has 1 million employees. Company reviews reaching 60 million and 10 million job listings. This shows how bigger a job search engine is.

Moreover, Glassdoor also has helpful tools as Covid-19 resources to help job seekers amidst the pandemic.

  1.   Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is another exceptional product from Google, which intends to help job seekers get to the right job lists. Google for Jobs is a job search engine that presents all the compiled lists from the entire internet world, including other job search sites. Users just have to type the job title in the bar, the one they are interested in, and Google will pull up all the related listings mentioned online for the results. Users, however, get the option to search by the type of job, location, company, the date the job was posted, and much more. 

  1.   Idealist

While all the job portals are designed for almost all levels of job seekers from fresher, to mid-level, to experience with the decade(s) of experiences. Idealists bring in to focus the volunteer work, internships that are full-time all within the nonprofit sector – this makes it a unique job search engine. You can recognize targeted organizations according to the missions and a particular set of opportunities that they offer within multiple niches. The users who registered can also search for contacts interested in contacts or fields and can even message them for networking. 

  1.   LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is the biggest networking site on the internet (675 million members) for professionals from all around the world, regardless of their location, background, and interest or career level. LinkedIn has proven itself to be the most productive and successful platform for searching for jobs, identifying contacts even for employers and recruiters who are looking for advertising in search of the right candidate, job seekers can follow the companies of their choice for getting notifications about future job posts from them. It also gives the option to its users to display their portfolio and everything work-related to demonstrate their work abilities in the best way. LinkedIn is also a wonderful place for passive job seekers who want employers or recruiters to find them. On top of that, LinkedIn keeps its users updated about the market job trends as well as the trends in the particular industry the candidate is from, it also gives a golden opportunity to get mentorship or career advice from highly qualified professionals in the same field who are within the same LinkedIn network typically. 

  1.   Linkup.com

If someone is looking for quality jobs as well as the content that is verified from the source, too—Linkup is the right job search site for them. The linkup is the job site that posts jobs that are available and provided by the employer’s official company website. By following this pattern, they save us from spam, scams, and duplication of jobs, job listings, closing, and posted dates of the current vacancies. 

  1.   Monster.com

Monster, founded in 1994, is one of the original job search engines and gradually expanded by adding other resources as well as apps for job seekers. The users on Monsters can search and apply for jobs online, post their resumes, review company profiles, and get salary information and get online career advice

. As per the data, every minute, 29 job seekers upload their resumes on monsters.com and enter 7,900 queries on the site.

  1. FlexJobs.com:

A lot of you might look for a job that is remote. Not everyone can do full-time office-based jobs. For those who are looking for remote jobs, FlexJobs is a blessing. Founded in 2007 by Sara Sutton, FlexJobs has almost 25000 listings for remote jobs from almost 5000 companies worldwide.

It is a membership-based website; one week trial for $6.94, one-month membership for $14.95, three-month membership for $29.95, and one-year membership for $49.95. According to the platform, they charge so that you can have an ad-free job search experience.


The bottom line is:

This was our list of the 10 best job search engines that may help you with job hunting. These job search engines have helped millions of people find their dream jobs. Everything has become digital in this era, so has job searching. Days are gone when one had to look at newspaper ads for job search – now, everything is happening online. All online platforms are created with one mission in mind – to help the masses find jobs. 

Now, this is up to you to make the best out of them. However, we can give some advice to you to make your job hunting smooth. Despite everything, as a candidate, prove yourself worth investing, from the very initial stage of sending your CV to appearing for an interview or test. Getting a call or shortlisted is not enough—you should show interest and give your best shot. If not a job, you will make a great repo by just impacting a responsible and someone who does his work wholeheartedly—even if the compensation is not enough or you do not qualify—either way you have created a long-lasting impression.